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Great Eats

Google Map of Restaurants listed below. This is a list of restaurants which area easy to enjoy. Prices are single person, with drinks, tax and tip. APV=Bring your own bottle of wine, there is no corking fee (a wide, but not universal, Montreal tradition).

Expensive ($30-$70)

Les Heritiers. $$$. APV. Wonderful French food, several courses. A tiny restaurant. Reservations absolutely required.

Les Infideles. $$$. APV. Wonderful and inventive Quebec/French food.

Au Pied du Conchon. $$$. Made famous by their must-have cookbook sold widely in winter of 2006. Adventurous? Try the Canard en Conserve (canned duck).

Yoyo. $$. Great French Food, researvations recommended. (514) 524-4187.

L'Express. $$$. Famous Montreal Bistro, with outstanding food. Reservations required, but if you are flexible with times, it is open until 3am.

Inexpensive (<$20)

La Banquise. $. This 24/7 hipster hot-dog counter serves one of the best examples of that Montreal specialty, poutine. For first-timers: the Poutine au Bacon. For the daring: the T-Rex or Kamikazi.

La Coissantiere. $. An art-nouveau brunch place tucked away in the hip Mile-End area, serves a great morning meal, and very reasonable dinners.

L' Entrecote St. Jean. $. Famous for serving one menu, and one menu only: soup, salad, steak-frites, and profiter roles.

La Maison du Bagels. $. Also called "St. Viatuer's" by locals since it is located on the eponymous street.


You can find information about good vegetarian options here and here .

Finding Restaurants Easily

Crescent Street. This street, about 8 blocks west of McGill, running south between Sherbrooke and St. Catherine Street, is a densely populated tourist area of restaurants.

St. Laurent. Walk East on Prince Arthur, which terminates on St. Laurent (10 minutes). Restaurants line the streets going north and south.


montrealfood.com and endless banquet blog (look for the link to the restaurant list in the left column)

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