40 Years of Pulsars

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Posters will be on display for the entire week of the conference, immediately outside the conference room. There will be three dedicated poster sessions as detailed in the conference program. Posters should be no wider than 4 feet (122 cm). Poster boards will be available to hang posters from 8am onwards on Monday morning, August 13th.

Map of poster locations

Poster groups
B Binary neutron stars
E Pulsar emission and magnetospheres
G Gravitational waves
I Isolated neutron stars
M Magnetars
O Equation of state
S Pulsar surveys and populations
W Pulsar wind nebulae

Poster number Presenter Title with link to abstract
1B A. Alpar The fastest dynamical frequencies in matter around neutron stars
2B S. Balman A study of the low-mass X-ray binary dip sources XB 1916-053, XB 1323-619, X 1624-490 and 4U 1746-371 observed with INTEGRAL
3B C. G. Bassa The mass and origin of a binary millisecond pulsar
4B A. Baykal Timing studies on RXTE observations of SAX J2103.5+4545
5B E. Beklen Timing Studies on RXTE observations of 4U 1538-52
6B S. Boutloukos The largely varying frequency separation between the kHz QPOs of Circinus X-1
7B R. P. Breton PSR J1744-3922: hint of a new binary pulsar class?
8B L. Burderi Modelling the accretion torque: a solution of an accretion disk around a magnetized compact object
9B S. Campana Swift observation of the latest stages of the 2006 SAX approaching quiescence
10B I. Cognard Change in the pulse component separation for PSR J1906+0746
11B T. Di Salvo Spin-up and spin-down in accreting millisecond pulsars: finding order in the chaos
12B P. C. C. Freire Timing the eccentric millisecond pulsar in NGC 1851
13B L. E. Kasian Observations of the young relativistic binary PSR J1906+0746
14B L. Keek First superburst from a classical low-mass X-ray binary transient
15B B. Kiziltan Connecting the current to the past: the spin-down evolution of millisecond pulsars
16B D. Leahy Time delays, doppler effects and oblateness: results for the ms pulsars SAX J1808-3658 and XTE J1814-338
17B T. Munoz-Darias The mass of the LMXB X-ray pulsar X1822-371
18B L. Nelson Radio ejection and the orbital period gap in the distribution of wide binary millisecond pulsars
19B D. Nice I get a (little) kick out of you: Arecibo observations of the proper motion of PSR B1913+16
20B A. Patruno Coherent analysis of the millisecond X-ray pulsar XTE J1807-294
21B J. Petri Forced oscillations in relativistic accretion discs and QPOs
22B A. L. Piro The turbulent story of X-ray bursts
23B A. Possenti New constraints on the spectrum and on the orbital modulation of the X-ray emission from the double pulsar system
24B C. M. Zhang On the bottom spin period and magnetic field of millisecond pulsar
1E T. Akgun Equilibrium and stability of toroidal magnetic fields in Type II superconducting neutron stars
2E A. Alpar Precession of a superfluid neutron star
3E A. M. Archibald Measuring pulsed flux of noisy signals
4E A. V. Bilous Review of overall parameters of giant radio pulses
5E S. Buchner Glitches in the Vela pulsar
6E A. E. Chukwude Long-term rotational history of the pulsar B0959-54: evidence for magnetic axis re-orientation?
7E A. De Luca Phase-resolved spectroscopy of the Vela Pulsar with XMM-Newton
8E J. Dyks Double notches - a zoom into the microphysics of coherent radio emission from pulsars
9E J. Gil X-ray pulsar radiation from hot polar caps heated by back-flow bombardment
10E J. Herfindal Periodic nulling in pulsars exhibiting conal single and double profiles
11E J. L. Herfindal Periodic nulls in pulsar B1133+16
12E Y. N. Istomin Production of an electron-positron plasma in a magnetar magnetosphere
13E Y. N. Istomin The energy loss of a rotating magnetized neutron star
14E R. Karuppusamy Multi frequency studies of Crab giant pulses
15E J. Kijak Turn-over in pulsar radio spectra: From young pulsars to millisecond ones.
16E Y. Maan Revisiting the rich sub-pulse patterns of B1237+25
17E J. McDonald Investigations into the plasma distribution in the vicinity of a Pulsar: DYMPHNA3D
18E G. Melikidze Partially screened polar gap and its observational consequences
19E D. Mitra Are partial cones `aberrated' cones?
20E D. Mitra On the absolute broadband polarization behaviour of PSR B0329+54
21E D. Mitra On the subpulse modulation and carousal circulation time of PSR B1857-26
22E Z. N. Osmanov On the reorganization of a magnetosphere of pulsars nearby the light cylinder surface
23E J. Petri Electrodynamics of pulsar electrospheres
24E J. M. Rankin Exploring the absolute OPM geometry of outer conal emission
25E J. M. Rankin Interaction between nulls and emission in pulsar B0834+06
26E J. M. Rankin The periodic nulls of pulsar J1819+1305: evidence of subbeam carousel circulation?
27E P. S. Ray X-ray and radio timing of PSR B1821-24
28E S. L. Redman New insights into pulsar nulling
29E A. Slowikowska High energy polarization of pulsars - observations vs. models
30E B. Stappers The drift modes of PSR B0943+10
31E S. A. Suleymanova Emission of pulsar B0943+10 in the burst mode: remarkably continual changes in the subpulse drift rate and in integrated pulse shape
32E J. Uruma Glitches, timing noise and spin parameters
33E M. W. Verdon Radio emission and polarization in an oscillating model for pulsar electrodynamics
34E J. Weisberg A simple model for the observed pulse profiles of precessing pulsars
35E P. Weltevrede Pulsar B0656+14: highly unusual emission properties and a local RRAT
36E G. Wright Null patterns in pulsar emission
1G J. Betzwieser Reaching the Crab pulsar spin-down limit with LIGO
2G P. C. C. Freire Timing of PSR J1738+0333 and new limits on dipolar gravitational wave emission
3G G. Hobbs Using pulsars to limit the existence of a gravitational wave background
4G B. Krishnan Semi-coherent search techniques for continuous gravitational wave signals
5G M. Landry Searches for continuous gravitational waves with LIGO and GEO600
6G R. Prix [email protected]
7G T. Regimbau Gravitational wave stochastic background from magnetars
8G J. P. W. Verbiest Long term, high precision pulsar timing
9G D. Yardley Correlations in the timing data of pulsars in the Parkes pulsar timing array
1I C. Airhart Long-term monitoring of the isolated neutron star RX J1308.6+2127
2I M. Burgay A multiwavelength search for pulsed and bursty radio emission from X-ray dim isolated neutron stars
3I V. I. Kondratiev A search for pulsed and bursty radio emission from X-ray dim isolated neutron stars
4I X. Li The nature of the X-ray source 1E 161348-5055 in SNR RCW 103
5I M. A. Livingstone Timing the pulsar at the center of the supernova remnant 3C 58
6I D. Lomiashvili On the recently discovered pulsations from RX J1856.5-3754
7I S. Mereghetti The discovery of pulsations in RX J1856.5-3754
8I R. Mignani Neutron stars optical astronomy: where do we go from here?
9I C. Motch Proper motions of ROSAT discovered isolated neutron stars measured with Chandra
10I F. Pizzolato The nature of the X-ray source 1E 161348-5055 in the supernova remnant RCW 103
11I S. B. Popov Space cowboys odyssey: beyond the Gould Belt
12I B. Posselt Planets around pulsars and radio-quiet neutron stars
1M A. M. Archibald Red noise in anomalous X-ray pulsar timing residuals
2M A. Baykal Anomalous pulsar braking indices
3M P. B. Cameron Proper motions of magnetars
4M F. Crawford A search for single radio pulses and bursts from southern AXPs
5M S. Dall'Osso Magnetars at birth: physical contraints and gravitational wave emission
6M R. Dib 10 Years of RXTE monitoring of five anomalous X-Ray pulsars
7M M. Durant Extinction as a tool to find distances to X-ray sources
8M P. Esposito XMM-Newton, Suzaku, and INTEGRAL observations of the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR 1806-20
9M R. Fernandez Multidimensional resonant cyclotron scattering and the quiescent X-ray emission from magnetars
10M M. E. Gonzalez Long-term evolution of the emission from the anomalous X-ray pulsar 4U 0142+61
11M D. Gotz INTEGRAL monitoring of the magnetars' hard X-ray emission
12M A. I. Ibrahim Chandra HETG view of SGR 1900+14
13M A. I. Ibrahim Spectral and temporal correlations of magnetar bursts
14M A. I. Ibrahim Thermal versus non-thermal magnetar bursts
15M A. I. Ibrahim Understanding the spectral evolution in magnetar bursts
16M S. S. Komissarov Magnetar-driven hypernovae explosions
17M D. Kulebi The broad-band noise characteristics of selected AXPs and SGRs
18M D. Lai Probing axions with radiation from magnetic neutron stars
19M A. J. Levan SGRs and short GRBs: making magnetars from WD-WD mergers
20M M. Morii Suzaku observation of the AXP 1E 1841-045
21M N. Prasad Formation scenario of magnetars: the puzzle of isolation
22M N. Rea Modelling the high-energy spectrum of magnetars
23M C. R. Tam 1E 1048.1-5937: The X-ray and near-IR behavior of a particularly anomalous X-ray pulsar
24M Y. T. Tanaka Comparative study of the inial spikes of SGR giant flares in 1998 and 2004 observed with GEOTAIL
25M A. N. Timokhin On the nature of QPO in the tail of SGR giant flares
26M Z. Wang Spitzer IRS spectroscopic and MIPS 24 micron imaging observations of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 4U 0142+61
27M W. W. Zhu The long-term radiative evolution of anomalous X-ray pulsar 1E 2259+586 after its 2002 outburst
1O K. Hoffman Neutron star crustal mass fractions
2O N. R. Robba Constraints to the EOS of ultradense matter with model-independent astrophysical observations
3O W. Yu Maximum kHz QPO frequency and constraints on neutron star mass and radius
1S A. Corongiu Parkes observations of radio pulsars in southern globular clusters
2S C. A. Faucher-Gigu\`ere Birth and evolution of isolated radio pulsars
3S D. B. Fox Hunting for neutron stars with the Swift satellite
4S P. C. C. Freire Eight new pulsars in NGC 6440 and NGC 6441
5S J. Hessels The GBT350 Survey of the northern Galactic plane for radio pulsars and transients
6S G. H. Janssen Timing binary pulsars with the EPTA
7S P. Kiel Populating a galaxy of pulsars
8S J. Kildea VERITAS Observations of pulsars
9S B. Kiziltan Pulsar astronomy in the GLAST era!
10S R. S. Lynch Pulsar back-ends for the GBT: upgrades to the pulsar spigot and the upcoming ``Dream Machine''
11S A. M. Pires Searching for new thermally emitting isolated neutron stars in the 2XMM catalogue
12S A. Possenti A search for radio pulsars in unidentified TeV Sources
13S M. S. E. Roberts Pulsars everywhere! A galactic EGRET source retrospective
14S D. A. Smith Gamma ray pulsars with the GLAST Large Area Telescope
15S J. van Leeuwen Next stop: LOFAR
1W A. De Luca Hubble Space Telescope catches a moving hot spot in the pulsar wind nebula of PSR B0540-69
2W M. E. Gonzalez Chandra view of the Vela-like pulsar B1823-13 and its pulsar wind nebula: A prototype for TeV-emitting nebulae?
3W J. Petri Magnetic reconnection at the termination shock in a striped pulsar wind
4W J. Petri Polarisation of high-energy emission in a pulsar striped wind
5W S. Safi-Harb A deep Chandra study of the high-magnetic field radio pulsar J1119-6127 and associated compact nebula
6W D. Volpi Simulated non-thermal emission from pulsar wind nebulae
7W Y. Yatsu A study of rapid expanding HII region RCW 89
1L R. Chapman Two are better than one: short gamma-ray bursts from SGR giant flares and NS-NS mergers

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